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New management system for line B

Created in 1982, line B of the RER is undergoing substantial investment over the period from 2010 to 2013.

RATP/SNCF interoperability

Until 7 July 2008, trains on line B were driven by SNCF drivers on the northern part of the line and RATP drivers on the southern part, with the drivers swapping over at Gare du Nord. Since 2009, each train has been driven by a single driver from one end of the line to the other. This makes the line easier to operate and saves precious seconds by reducing the time spent stationary at Gare du Nord.



Unified line management to improve passenger service

RER B’s two operators, RATP and SNCF, set up a unified management system in June 2013. The goal is ambitious: to better serve passengers in the greater Paris area.

The new unified line management is designed to meet three goals:

- improve the punctuality of RER B: supervision of the entire RER B, which has been placed under the responsibility of a single line director, will simplify current operations and accelerate the implementation of actions to improve service quality;
- better inform passengers: now managed by unified line management teams, the information provided to passengers will be the same throughout the line;
- facilitate the management of incidents: by year-end 2013, SNCF, RATP and RFF staff working on line management will be brought together in a single facility, near the Denfert-Rochereau station. This should make decision making more effective.

The new organisation is accompanied by a major investment plan financed on behalf of the RER by STIF, the Region, the government, RATP and SNCF.

A major investment plan

119 RATP trains and 51 SNCF “MI 79” trains will be refurbished between 2010 and 2014 at a total cost of 317 million euro. 50% of the funding will come from STIF, the Paris region transport organising authority, with RATP and SNCF contributing the remaining 50% in pro rata to their respective fleets.

The new train exterior combines RATP’s jade green, SNCF’s “crimson” red and the “vivid silver” of STIF according to the new colour code of renovated trains in Ile-de-France.


Line B has:

  • 47 stations (30 managed by RATP, 17 by SNCF)
  • 78 km of track (40 km of which is managed by RATP)
  • A section of track shared with the RER D between Châtelet–Les Halles and Gare du Nord
  • A commercial speed of 38 kph with trains every 3 minutes
  • Connections with all the other RER lines, 9 of the 14 metro lines and SNCF Transilien lines H and K
  • 860,000 passengers per day (570,000 in the RATP zone and 290,000 in the SNCF zone)