Services Campaign

By harnessing this new advance in communications, RATP has confirmed its commitment to improving quality of city life.


Passenger Information Services Campaign

Following an initial message built around a Commitment-based campaign showing its own agents in action, RATP is now communicating in a concrete, humorous and empathetic manner about the benefits that its customers can expect from the various services it provides.

Three ways to gain immediate benefits

Campagne Services INFO VOYAGEURS - Flashcode

The themes chosen for this new communication campaign are:

- viewing the time at which the next bus is due using the Flashcode system,
- finding a route using mobile services (Smartphone applications and Wap site)
- working out the likely journey time thanks to real-time passenger information on the network.

This campaign also establishes the strong and easily identifiable new branding (graphical interplay between elements of network maps) guaranteeing the impact and ensuring the recognition of each new RATP message.

This campaign will help to reinforce RATP’s positioning and dynamics as a major service brand and to forge even closer relationships with the population of the Ile de France region.

It restores the full meaning of its “Caring for the city” tag line since RATP will play its part in caring for the city more effectively by improving the quality of city life.

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