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The Group at a glance

The RATP Group is the world's fifth largest public transport company operating all modes of collective mobility – bus, metro, trains and trams. In Île-de-France it runs, maintains, modernises and develops one of the world’s densest multimodal networks. Every day it transports over 14 million people. RATP and its subsidiaries export this expertise across all continents. United by their sense of public service, the Group’s 57.976men and women share the same objective: allowing passengers to travel calmly, quickly and as comfortably as possible.


3 billion journeys a year in Île-de-France

RATP operates on its historic market, one of the world's largest multimodal networks. It comprises:

  • 14 metro lines
  • 2 RER (regional express train) lines
  • 7 tram lines
  • more than 350 bus lines
  • an automatic shuttle service connecting the Paris Orly airport to the capital (Orlyval).

This public network is one of the densest in the world, serving 11 million residents concentrated in a 12,000 square-kilometre area.


5th World public transport operator

In the new European competitive environment, the RATP Group has become more ambitious than ever positioning itself as a high performance public service company with both a national and international outlook, even as it continues to nurture its historic Île-de-France roots through the Greater Paris Express project.

The RATP Group is growing and developing in France and throughout the world, relying largely on its subsidiary RATP Dev. It operates in 14 countries:


A seminal year

In December, 2009, RATP’s legal and economic model was altered for the first time since 1949, following the enactment of new European regulations on urban transport as well as France’s ORTF law (relating to the organisation and regulation of rail transport), which clarifies STIF, the transport organising authority, and RATP’s respective roles in Île-de-France. Noting the arrival of competition, the authorities have opted to solidify RATP’s status as a public service company and help it make the necessary adjustments. The RATP group’s national and international vocation, as specified under France’s 2000 SRU law (relating to solidarity and urban renovation), has been strengthened. RATP benefits today from an uncontested and durable business model creating a clear framework for its future.

Duration of transition for Île-de-France network operations as of 1 January, 2010:

  • immediately for all new bus, tramway and metro services
  • 15 years for existing bus networks
  • 20 years for existing tramway networks
  • 30 years for existing metro and RER networks

Urban mobility expert

The RATP Group has built up unique expertise as a multimodal transport group which masters the entire transport chain, from upstream studies and consulting services for local administrations to the operation and maintenance of complex networks, including the modernisation of existing networks.

Our missions:

• Guarantee optimum service quality

• Create and operate networks

• Design, maintain and modernise infrastructure

• Implement sustainable mobility