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Métro2030, our new Paris Metro

The Paris metro has been writing history and transforming the city and the lives of its inhabitants for over a century. It is part and parcel of the capital’s identity, contributes to its character and accompanies its growth. The Paris metro model is regarded as a truly international standard for today’s environmental and urban challenges.

Logo Métro2030The Paris metro has always epitomised its period and has pioneered in it. It has constantly offered new technological, layout and design responses to improve timeliness, reliability, comfort and service to passengers.

Sometimes stealing the limelight or remaining in the wings, the on-going modernisation of the Paris metro epitomises a special culture and a state of mind.



Modernising stations

Bandeau néon ® Gérard RollandoFor passengers Métro2030 firstly means more modern and contemporary stations that are more pleasant to use, more fluid and more functional. This means factoring in access, circulation areas and connections and then platforms. In this underground part of the city, materials, lighting, signage and our cultural heritage make up the décor and direct routes, whilst maintaining open areas helps ensure the network continues to operate.

Flèche delta The "Un métro plus beau" renovation programme : read more

Flèche delta More sophisticated and sustainable lighting: read more

Flèche delta An easier metro to use: although the historic network is exempted from the ten-year deadline to ensure easier access for persons using wheelchairs, the new stations designed for line extensions feature full accessibility. Many actions are also being implemented to improve visual and audio accessibility on the historic network. These include dynamic information on platforms and on board trains.

Flèche delta Long-lasting glasswork and works of art: the hundred year-old viaducts and glass canopies need extensive renovation work to maintain this specific part of Paris’s heritage and face the future with confidence. In 2014 the program will focus on the viaduct on line 6.

Flèche delta A more pleasant metro: with the most stringent ever new cleaning contract for the network
- read more - and a major action plan against water seepage - read more

Modernising information

Génération connectée ® Gérard RollandoThanks to Métro2030, mobility has the same meaning irrespective of the mode of transport. Information is now available in every kind of medium. The metro is very much in the 21st century and has become a wired space to provide passengers with information at all times and help them make their way through their own networks.

Flèche delta Real-time passenger information: read more

Flèche delta Wired generation: the expansion of broadband mobile is continuing thanks to Métro2030. By the end of 2016, all lines will have 3G and even 4G coverage.

Modernising transport

MP05 Gare de Lyon ® Gérard RollandoModernising transport covers multiple fields of highly technical expertise, for which RATP is internationally acknowledged. This section addresses the very heart of an activity where visible and invisible factors are closely connected. Visible factors include the trains that take us into the future in which changes in comfort and design can be appreciated by passengers. Invisible factors cover the entire digital architecture and all the train and track maintenance activities.

Flèche delta New trains and automation: by 2030 nearly all lines in the historic network of the Paris metro will feature next-generation trains. These are a quantum leap in quantitative and qualitative terms: energy performance is 30% better and spatial and temperature comfort as well as dynamic information are improved. Lines 1, 2 and 5 already feature new trains. Deployment is in progress on line 9. In addition, following on from lines 14 and 1, line 4 will be the next fully automated line from 2022 onwards.


MF 01 ligne 9Flèche delta The digital revolution

As part of Métro2030, modernising the metro operating systems is achieved thanks to the development of digital technology.

The new driver assistance system has been in service since the end of 2012 on line 3 and is currently being deployed on lines 5 and 9. Lines 11 and 6 will follow, with the system to be deployed in stages across the entire network by 2030.

As a key factor in the metro modernisation program, the new driver assistance system can cut down the wait time between two trains and thus enhance the transport offering, when combined with additional trains.


Flèche delta Rail and electricity: each year, regular maintenance operations and new facilities mean some 40 km of electric cable are either installed or replaced.

Flèche delta Ventilation: by 2016, 112 ventilation facilities will be renovated or replaced and an additional 18 ventilators will enter service.

Flèche delta Maintenance workshops: modernising trains also entails modernising maintenance workshops. These are more functional and feature tools for next-generation train technology.


Métro2030: Key Dates

• Châtelet is the 250th entirely renovated metro station

• Launch of works to automate line 4
• All Paris metro stations will have broadband mobile (3G and even 4G)

• 100% of metro stations to be lit by LED; the Paris metro will become the first transport network fully equipped with LED technology

• 273 stations fully renovated

• 55% of rolling stock renovated or renewed

• 100% of lines will be modernised
• 85% of rolling stock replaced or renewed

Métro2030: Highlights

Flèche delta 5.23 million passengers per day on the Paris metro in 2012 (+ 30% in ten years)

Flèche delta 23 million ceramic tiles replaced on 272,000 sq. m. of renovated wall space

Flèche delta 3,000 new multimodal information displays to replace the 1,300 old ones by the end of 2015

Flèche delta 250,000 light points replaced by LED lighting (this is more than public lighting in Los Angeles!) by the end of 2015

Flèche delta 30% energy saving thanks to next-generation rolling stock


Métro2030: the resources to make an ambition a reality

InvestissementsFlèche delta €3.6 billion invested since 2007


Flèche delta Average investment of €500 million per year as part of the agreement signed with STIF in March 2012