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Diversity & Equal Opportunities

RATP is the second-biggest recruiter in the Île-de-France region. An active player in city life, it endeavours to reflect the population of the areas it serves. It therefore pursues an active recruitment policy in particular areas. It is firmly committed to fighting against all forms of discrimination. At RATP, we believe that diversity enriches our society and drives collective performance.

A company-wide policy

Giving all our staff equal career opportunities and ensuring diversity in recruitment are fundamental values of the Group.

  • 2004: RATP signs the Charte de la diversité, a series of commitments to diversity in business.
  • 2007: RATP becomes the first public company to introduce anonymous CVs, eliminating all criteria that might unfairly exclude candidates (nationality clauses, for example).

Giving all our staff equal career opportunities and ensuring diversity in recruitment are fundamental values of the Group.
Today, more than 60% of employees hired in the Paris region are from towns which include areas classed as “Zones Urbaines Sensibles” or “Sensitive Urban Areas”.

Strong commitments

RATP has made a number of commitments demonstrating its attachment to openness, diversity and the fight against all forms of discrimination:

Hiring disadvantaged young people:
RATP has a policy of hiring young people aged 16-26 who have few or no qualifications. It offers them training leading to qualifications or diplomas. Approximately 10% of staff recruited in Île-de-France come through this scheme.

Gender equality

  • RATP is committed to ensuring that its female employees do not see their careers adversely affected by their decision to take maternity or adoption leave.
  • The company has set itself the aim of gradually increasing the proportion of women in its workforce. This initiative primarily concerns two job families: drivers (of whom fewer than 10% were women in 2009) and maintenance staff (fewer than 5% women).

Integrating disabled employees
In accordance with an agreement with trade unions on employment for the disabled, RATP aims to hire 120 disabled people in Île-de-France between 2008 and 2011. This goal is ambitious, as, due to the nature of its activity, two thirds of the jobs offered by RATP require special skills.
At the same time, RATP is taking steps to keep existing disabled employees in employment.

Supporting older workers

The RATP Group devises career paths which allow employees to move into rewarding new areas in the second part of their career. It conducts systematic evaluations to expand its panel of experts and mentors.
At the end of 2009, it adopted a three-year action plan based on specific objectives.