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Legal notice

Editor: Elisabeth Borne

RATP (Industrial and commercial public undertaking)
RCS de Paris n° 775 663 438
54, quai de la Rapée
75599 PARIS CEDEX 12
Tel: +33 1 58 78 20 20

Personal data

The data collected or processed while you browse this website (hereinafter the "Site") will be used by RATP, its sub-contractors and partners to improve the services provided and facilitate your navigation around the Site, handle your enquiries, process your subscription to the "My RATP" service whenever appropriate and, unless you refuse, inform you about RATP's latest offers and news.


Data protection representative

In accordance with the law 78-17 of 6 January, 1978 concerning information technology, files and civil liberties, RATP has assigned a representative for the protection of personal data.

This appointment commenced on 10 April, 2008. In applying paragraph IV of article 22 of law 78-17, RATP will make available the relevant information concerning the treatment of personal data used to any person requesting it.


Write to the Data Protection Representative:

Correspondant Informatique et Libertés de la RATP
  13, rue Jules Vallès
  LAC JV27
  75547 PARIS CEDEX 11

Right of access and rectification, right of objection

In accordance with law 78-17 of 6 January, 1978, you have the right to access and, if necessary, rectify the personal information held about you, as well as the right to object to it being held on file or used for promotional purposes.

You can exercise these rights by contacting us, enclosing a copied form of identification with your request.

by post:
Correspondant Informatique et Libertés de la RATP
13, rue Jules Vallès
75547 PARIS CEDEX 11


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RATP Scope


With RATP Scope, RATP has two aims: 1) to reveal the daily complexity involved with running the metro, RER, bus and tramway networks, and 2) to inform its customers about major incidents (interruptions of service lasting 2 hours or more), the causes of these incidents, and the means that are employed to resolve them.

This initiative is part of an educational effort aimed at the more than 10 million passengers who use the RATP networks every day. To this end, RATP Scope strives to be a meeting place and a source of dialogue between the company and its customers, using rich and varied information and multimedia content.



RATP Scope comprises two spaces:

- Three sections with complementary vocations

  • “Daily digest” provides an update on a given subject in 2 minutes, be it a past incident on the network or a glimpse at RATP initiatives in terms of sustainable development via computer graphics.
  • “Behind the scenes” reveals the inside story on RATP and its business lines via interviews and videos for a reading time of about 10 minutes.
  • “Wide angle” takes an in-depth look at a specific subject, with a reading time of 10 to 15 minutes.

This space is open for commentary.

- Visibility of Twitter accounts during major operating incidents

RATP Scope also provides real-time information about major operating incidents (interruption of service lasting 2 hours or more). The Twitter account of the network line affected by the incident will be directly viewable via a dedicated page on RATP Scope. This space is not open for commentary. 


Site monitoring

Commentary posted on this site is monitored, a priori, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.

All commentary is screened before being posted online. Consequently, there could be a delay of several hours, or even up to 48 hours on weekends and holidays, before a commentary is posted online. Messages that do not respect the principles of Netiquette and/or do not conform to the terms of use will be systematically deleted.

Visitors may request the verification of any contentious message posted on the RATP Scope site by contacting the RATP Scope moderator.



By accessing and/or participating in the RATP Scope site, you acknowledge that all commentaries posted therein express only the views and opinions of their authors. The moderator, the site administrator and RATP cannot in consequence be held liable for their content.


Terms of use

We would remind you or inform you that you undertake to not post remarks that are abusive, obscene, vulgar, hateful, threatening or sexually-oriented, nor any message that would violate the law. In like manner, the moderators and the administrator will refuse messages that are:

• advertising, or commercial or promotional in nature;

• racist, anti-Semitic, or homophobic;

• contrary to copyright laws or similar rights, or contrary to laws applicable to databases, images, and individual privacy;

• that violate any laws or regulations in force;

• that would disturb the public order, or are contrary to public morals.

For further information, please send your question to the webmaster by writing to

Section "Summer construction work on the RER A"


To inform passengers about track replacement work on the RER A, RATP is proposing a section about the project on the website.

Serving as a hub for all of the information throughout the duration of the renovation operation from 2015 to 2021, this section will acquaint passengers with the construction work being done, and will provide both the latest news on the project as well as alternative travel routes.


Website content management and design:


Ecedi, creative consultant for new technologies

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RATP Photo library

Gérard Rollando


Digital accessibility consists of making information accessible for everyone. The section dedicated to RER A track renovation work aims to achieve an AA rating for WCAG 2.0 standards.


Users of this Internet site are responsible for any damages, material or immaterial, caused to any third parties, including RATP, directly or indirectly resulting from the illicit use or operation of the Site itself, or any of its elements, whatever the cause and origin of such damages, and underwrites any claims or actions which may be made against RATP as a result. Users of the Site agree to withhold any claims against RATP in the case of actions expedited by a third party against them resulting from the illicit use or operation of the Site.

Applicable law

This legal notice, the Site and any consequences arising from its use or availability or unavailability are governed by the laws of France.

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Reproduction of content

Users of the Site are not allowed to reproduce any content (texts, photos, videos, sounds, animations, etc.), data or excerpts from databases, or any software components comprising the Site or accessible from it, without the express prior written consent of RATP. For any requests for reproduction of any of elements contained in the Site, please contact us.


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