RATP and Open Data

RATP has decided to participate in the global Open Data initiative introduced by the French Government through Etalab and certain local authorities and administrative bodies, by making some of its data accessible and useable by everyone.

Our Open Data initiative

RATP_Opendata2RATP’s intention is therefore to allow third parties, and particularly developers and entrepreneurs, to use certain data relating to its transport business in order to devise new uses for such data and to exploit it by creating ever more innovative new mobile services and applications.

This Open Data initiative will enable RATP to contribute to facilitating the lives of the 10 million people in Île-de-France who use its networks on a daily basis.

RATP will thus contribute to the modernisation of public services required to meet the challenges of the 21st century.



  • data.ratp.fr

    data.ratp.fr website

  • BarCamp, RATP at La Cantine

    On 20 December 2011, RATP, faberNovel, La Cantine par Silicon Sentier and OpenStreetMap France organised a BarCamp dedicated to the mapping of public transport. The idea was to foster discussion about diagrammatic, dynamic and geolocalised mapping of public transport networks, and to provide an opportunity for exchanges on usage, design, graphics codes, concepts, metadata, the sourcing of information, updates, official certifications, file formats, etc.

    BarCamp, RATP at La Cantine
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