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Navigo passes are zone-free on weekends and holidays, and from 13 July to 18 August

The Navigo travel pass will be zone-free this summer. Zone 1-5 subscribers will get a 7.5% discount on their monthly Navigo and Solidarité Transport passes in July and August.

STIF, the Organising Authority for public transport in the Paris-Ile-de-France region, decided to make the Navigo travel pass zone-free from 13 July to 18 August 2014.

navigo passThis measure enables passengers with monthly and annual Navigo passes, monthly Solidarité Transport passes and Amethyste passes to travel freely over the entire region (beyond their travel passes’ valid zones) from 13 July to 18 August.

For the Noctilien night bus lines, this measure takes effect during the night of 11-12 July and ends during the night of 16-17 August.

In addition, passengers using a 1-5 zone Navigo pass will get a 7.5% discount on their monthly Navigo and Solidarité Transport passes in July and August.



This measure is a prolongation of the zone-free travel that has been permitted during weekends and holidays for monthly and annual Navigo passes and monthly Solidarité Transport passes since 1 September 2012, and for Améthyste passes since 1 March 2013.


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Navigo travel passes will be zone-free from 13 July to 18 August 2014
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Navigo travel pass becomes “Zone free”

As of 1 September 2015 – and in keeping with a decision made by STIF, public transport organising authority in the Ile-de-France region – the monthly, weekly and annual Navigo along with the Imagine R school and student travel passes will be automatically transformed into “zone-free” travel passes.

Résultats semestriels 2015 du Groupe RATP Warning

Le Conseil d’Administration de la RATP, réuni le 27 août 2015 sous la présidence d'Elisabeth Borne, a examiné et arrêté les comptes consolidés du Groupe RATP et les comptes sociaux de l’EPIC au 30 juin 2015.

La RATP recrute Warning

La RATP recrute : découvrez nos offres.

Line T1: Service partially halted on 1, 8 and 15 September 2015

Due to maintenance work, no service will be provided on line T1 between Bobigny – Pablo Picasso and Gare de Noisy-le-Sec stations on Tuesday 1, 8 and 15 September 2015 after 11 p.m. A replacement bus service will operate.

RATP Dev moves on in Pennsylvania

RATP Dev has won a five-year contract to run school bus services in the Southern Columbia Area School District, Pennsylvania. Another success to its credit!

Line M1: renovation work on the Louvre-Rivoli station

Starting 7 September 2015, the M1 Louvre-Rivoli station will be closed for renovation.