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RATP Group subsidiaries

Discover the RATP Group subsidiaries

RATP Dev, the RATP Group’s operating subsidiary

logo_ratpdevRATP Dev was created in 2002, when the Ile-de-France market was first opened to competition.

Its mission is to export RATP’s operational expertise outside of the Ile-de-France region, which was its historical area of business in the past.

Since its inception, the company has developed itself through acquisitions and by winning bids to tender in France and abroad. It now provides operation and maintenance services for urban and interurban transport networks (bus, metro, rail and tramway) in 14 countries on 4 continents.

Ixxi, specialist in ticketing and passenger information systems

logo_ixxiA subsidiary of the RATP Group created in  2010, Ixxi proposes innovative and adaptable urban mobility solutions. The company specialises in ticketing and passenger information systems. It operates the ticketing system for Paris and its suburbs, which alone represents 12 million passengers a day and generates EUR2 billion in revenues annually. Ixxi enhances the value of the Group’s skills, products and services, notably via, the fourth most heavily viewed website in France.

Promométro, expert in urban retail spaces

logo_promometroCreated in 1971, Promométro specialises in retail shops and services located in areas with heavy passenger traffic. The company now provides its expertise to local administrations and institutions for the commercial development of ground floor space.

SEDP, a real-estate development and services company

logo_sedpCreated in 1990, SEDP (Société d'Etudes et de Développement Patrimonial), the RATP Group’s real estate arm, has developed expertise in real estate engineering.


Logis-Transports, a low-income housing provider, builds and manages housing units

logo_logisThe RATP Group subsidiary Logis-Transports was created in 1959 to fulfil a simple mission: house RATP employees who must be able to reach their workplace at a time when no buses or metros are running, since they are the ones who initiate start-up of service in the first place.

Telcité, fibre optics services provider

logo_telciteTelcité is the leader in the deployment and operation of fibre optics in the Île-de-France region.

Since 1997, Telcité has offered its customers access to unlimited broadband to meet all of their telecommunication needs .