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“Demandez-nous la ville”, a new signature

RATP adopts a new brand signature, “Demandez-nous la ville” to reflect its ambitions to be a leader in sustainable mobility and the smart city, listening to and serving its passengers.

As an invitation, “Demandez-nous la ville” reflects the day-to-day presence and commitment of RATP staff to satisfying passengers using the network.

As a commitment, “Demandez-nous la ville” is a bold statement, echoing the new strategic directions, of the company’s desire to position customers at the centre of its thinking, developing for them a culture of service and drawing on innovation to meet their needs today and in the future.

The city, at the heart of RATP’s mission and vision

This new signature tells, in a poetic way, of the city towards which the company’s vision is working: sustainable, smart, more beautiful, nicer to live in and better at listening to those who live there.

The city remains one of the fundamentals of the RATP brand, the common theme that unites its past, present and future: The world’s 5th largest public transport operator, RATP, which has expertise in all transport modes (metro, RER, bus and tramway), is positioning itself as a global expert in cities.