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Preventing risky behaviour: a major challenge

In 2015, a serious accident involving a passenger who was not paying attention was, on average, a daily occurrence on the RATP network.

Why launch an accident-prevention campaign?

These accidents are generally caused by a lack of vigilance on the part of passengers: because their daily commute takes place in a familiar environment to which they are completely habituated, they fail to respect the most basic safety guidelines when it comes to riding the metro or RER.

A few examples:

- Passengers who stand too close to the platform edge while waiting for their train and then fall onto the tracks,

- Passengers who run to try to “catch” their train and fall into the gap between the platform and the train,

- Passengers who step down onto the tracks – which are electrified – to pick up a smartphone they have dropped,

- Passengers who stick their arm or head out of a train window,

- etc.

Fortunately, the majority of these accidents which are caused by not paying attention do not have dramatic consequences. Moreover, given the roughly 7 million passengers commuting daily on RATP’s rail networks, the total number of such accidents must be kept in perspective. Nonetheless, they represent a major challenge for a company that serves the public.

This is why RATP has decided to launch an unprecedented accident-prevention campaign, to bring the issue to the attention of its passengers. Our goal? To build public awareness of the risks and to remind passengers of the basic rules for traveling safely.

Existing rules and measures:

The campaign aims to reinforce the network’s existing safety measures:

- passenger safety rules, posted on all RATP metro and RER station platforms, highlight the importance of standing away from the platform edge; of not getting on or off a train, or interfering with the closing of the doors, once the buzzer has sounded; and of minding the gap between the platform and the train, especially in curved stations.

- Visible warning signs on metro station platforms remind passengers that it is strictly forbidden to step onto the tracks, owing to the danger of death due to electrified rails (750 V) and the passage of trains.

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