Building awareness about mobility

Since 2004, RATP has launched numerous initiatives to build awareness of mobility. It has designed and developed a line of products and services to facilitate the understanding of public transport user guides. The product lines target various audiences (job insertion candidates, persons with disabilities, social welfare professionals, seniors, etc.) and use different types of support (information leaflets, teaching kits, animated films, etc.) for group or individual instruction. 

I am a senior and I want to travel by bus

I travel by bus (for seniors):


Video: “Albertine prend le bus” (Albertine takes the bus):
This video presents good practices for seniors traveling by bus “who are no longer champions” when it comes to balance. The video is also designed to review the basic rules of courtesy and to help drivers better understand the issue. The goal is to reach the broadest possible audience and to drive home the key messages, notably those concerning the risk of accidents and how to prevent them. 

Albertine takes the bus

I use a wheelchair and want to travel by bus

I travel by bus (for passengers in wheelchairs):


Video: “Quand Théo rencontre Clara”(When Théo meets Clara):
This film delivers a civic message: to encourage persons with physical disabilities to maintain and develop their desire for mobility. This short film has big ambitions: to build awareness among all urban dwellers and public transport users that accessibility is everyone’s business. 

When Théo meets Clara

I use a wheelchair bound and want to travel by RER

I travel by RER (for passengers in wheelchairs):


I have a mental disability and want to travel by metro

I travel by metro (for persons with mental disabilities):

Visuel je prends le métro

Other videos

“Les uns avec les autres” (One another, altogether)
This film, designed in collaboration with Association Française des Aidants and La Compagnie des Aidants, features RATP, Infomobi, Compagnons du voyages and Flexicité staff who are dedicated to improving the mobility of persons in a fragile state of health. It presents the specific assistance services that are available to help them get around the city and thus to simply live.

Les uns avec les autres

“Lili dans le Métro” (Lili in the metro)
This film, developed in collaboration with URAPEI Ile-de-France, CFPSAA and CRAIF, features a young 6th grade student who is learning to ride the Paris metro on her own. During her travels, Lili makes friends with others, who despite their disabilities, still manage to ride the metro on their own, unassisted. Not only does she learn to ride the metro, Lili also shares her complicity with her new friends, who have changed her views and understanding of the world.

Lili dans le métro