Other service providers

In addition to the services RATP offers in its networks, it is possible to call on two other services dedicated to helping people who have difficulty getting around: "Les Compagnons du Voyage" (Travel Companions) and Flexcité, a unit specialising in demand-responsive transport.

"Les Compagnons du Voyage" (Travel Companions)

Created in 1993 by RATP and SNCF, the association offers “door-to-door” service for children, the elderly and persons with disabilities.

Download the brochure: Les Compagnons du Voyage (Pdf - 1,8 Mo)

See their website:


FlexCité specialises in on-demand transport and the transport of persons with disabilities. Our mission is to help our clients set up quality transport services as economically as possible. For more than 10 years, we have helped people benefit from flexible mobility services.

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