RATP Accessibility Advisory Committee

All of the company’s units and partners are working to facilitate equal access to our transport networks, which impacts not only our rolling stock (trains and buses) but also our transport areas (metro and RER stations, bus and tramway stops) and services (signalling, passenger information, sales, etc.).

French law 2005-102 on “equal rights and opportunities for people with disabilities” and its numerous implementing provisions have only strengthened RATP’s determination to pursue and finalise the actions undertaken to improve accessibility.

Consultation with representatives of persons of reduced mobility is a key part of our strategy to facilitate equal access to the RATP networks.
This is carried out notably through the Accessibility Advisory Committee chaired by RATP Chairwoman and CEO, Elisabeth Borne. 

Committee members

List of member associations representing persons with disabilities and reduced mobility on the committee:

  • AFM : Association Française contre les Myopathies

  • ALLEGRO FORTISSIMO : Association des personnes de forte corpulence

  • APF : Association des Paralysés de France

  • APPT : Association des Personnes de Petite Taille

  • CFPSAA : Confédération Française pour la Promotion Sociale des Aveugles et Amblyopes

  • CORERPA : Coordination Régionale des Retraités et Personnes Agées

  • UNAFAM : Union Nationale des Familles et Amis de personnes Malades et/ou handicapées psychiques

  • Unapei : Union Nationale des Associations de Parents de Personnes Handicapées mentales et de leurs amis

  • UNISDA : Union Nationale pour l’Insertion Sociale du Déficient Auditif

The committee's actions

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