Des voix d’enfants pour les annonces sonores

Découvrez les dernières annonces sonores enregistrées avec des voix d’enfants. En anglais, en italien et en japonais, ces annonces sont diffusées sur…


photo vintage ratp

Discover our heritage

For more than a century the history of public transport has been woven into the historical tapestry of the Paris region and its inhabitants…
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Hyperweekend, Radio France's first ever contemporary music festival

Radio France is set to hold Hyperweekend Festival, its first ever contemporary music festival from 21st to 23rd January 2022. RATP is a…

Enjoy a very ‘musical’ end-of-year holiday with La Chorale du métro!

We have brought together a very unique "choir", made up of several metro musicians (Musiciens du Métro) to wish you a happy holiday season.

Rock yourself with our Soundcloud account

Discover RATP’s sound universe! Announcements, jingles, poems and music… it’s never too late to discover the web’s most eclectic…
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