Sustainable mobility


Towards a sustainable city

Our experience in sustainable mobility makes our Group a global leader in urban mobility. We explore innovative solutions to save energy…
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Providing outstanding service to passengers


Exemplary passenger services

What people expect from public transport is evolving. Passengers want safe, reliable and comfortable transport services, but also flexible…
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Innovation in all fields


RATP Capital Innovation: investing in new mobility solutions and Smart Cities

In February 2017, the RATP Group created RATP Capital Innovation, an investment and seed subsidiary dedicated to SMEs, VSEs and start-ups,…

Urbanopolis, the RATP group network of innovation labs

The purpose of Urbanopolis, the RATP group network of innovation labs, is to keep cities moving forward by sharing and promoting innovative…

Innovation in all our lines of business

Innovation is part of our Group’s DNA and provides key leverage for our development. Through innovation, we remain at the forefront of our…

Start-up: revolutionising urban mobility with you

We believe that start-ups will help us improve the service we provide to our customers every day, invent new businesses and transform the…
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