How can I find out which RATP metro and RER stations are accessible for passengers in wheel chairs?

Bus network :
All Paris bus lines are accessible for persons in wheelchairs. Since a bus line is declared wheelchair accessible once 70% of its bus stops have been adapted for wheelchair use, please check the line map to ensure the stops where you intend to board and disembark are effectively wheelchair friendly.

Here is a list of the bus lines that have been designated as being wheelchair accessible.

RER network : 
For the RER, 65 RATP stations are wheelchair accessible.

When you arrive at the station, ask the agent at the information desk to accompany you to the platform and to set up the mobile gangway that allows you to board the RER in complete safety.

You can also locate the other bus lines and stations in the vicinity that are wheelchair accessible at the website.

I am unable to get around on my own. Does a support service exist for public transport?

To accompany you as you use public transport, the Travel Companions association (“Les Compagnons du Voyage”) proposes a door-to-door service to accompany children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities.

Practical information on this service can be downloaded here.

How can I find out if the elevators are working properly?

You can find this information displayed for lines M4 and M14 on the RATP website (currently in test phase).

You can find out whether a station’s elevators are functioning properly by checking the interactive map available on the : click here

Simply click on the corresponding pictogram for the station’s “practical guide”.

A colour code indicates the elevator’s status:

- Green indicates it is “functioning properly”
- Red indicates it is “out of service”
- Grey indicates that the information is unknown

Note: this service is available only in RATP-operated stations.

You also have the option to subscribe to an SMS or email alert system that will notify you of an elevator’s change in status, via the Infomobi website:

More specifically, which fare applies to someone accompanying a blind person?

Depending on your income and status, you might benefit from the Améthyste discount travel pass. These travel passes are purchased by the départments and the City of Paris, and each level of government determines its own beneficiary categories and whether or not the pass holder will be asked to make a financial contribution.

Note that persons accompanying a blind person benefit from reduced rate fares (50%) for t+ tickets and Point-of-Departure-to-Destination tickets.

Further information can be downloaded from the following website by clicking here