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Une vidéo pour comprendre le procédé de congélation des sols

Le prolongement de la ligne 12 du métro de Front Populaire à Mairie d'Aubervilliers est l'occasion de travaux gigantesques, parmi lesquels la cong ...

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clément verzy

Our commitment to music

From the Rock en Seine and Solidays music festivals, to tributes to Brassens and Gainsbourg, concerts in Auber, the Paroles’n’Rock event,…
affiche lunch beat

Do you fancy dancing in the metro? Join in with Lunch Beat RATP

Following the success of its previous four versions, in partnership with Virgin Radio and A Nous Paris we invite you to make at date to…
mercredi du rugby

We are partners with the French Rugby Federation

RATP has strengthened its ties with this popular team sport ever since it established a partnership with the French Rugby Federation (FFR)…

We are partners of the French Handball Federation

We have renewed our partnerships with the French Handball Federation (FFHB) and the Issy Paris Handball Club, a women’s division 1 team,…
Le cinéma à la RATP

RATP and the film industry

RATP has a rich catalogue of locations and contemporary and historical equipment which can be made available for film shoots.
Serge the Rabbit

Serge the Rabbit

Since May 2014, a redesigned Serge the Rabbit has appeared on metro and RER doors to raise passenger awareness on what to do when doors…
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8 mars

The “RATP au féminin” program

The International Women’s Day is an excellent opportunity to discover the “RATP au féminin” program and some of the actions in the company…

Line 4: platforms of the Gare du Nord station closed from 12 March to 12 June 2018 inclusive

Due to upgrades, the metro line 4 platforms at the Gare du Nord station are closed from 12 March to 12 June 2018 inclusive. Please adjust…

Raphaël, Computer Engineer, IT Project Supervisor

Discover the portrait of Raphaël Flamant, Computer Engineer. He tells us all about his profession!
Lumière sur 6 experts de l'innovation

Lumière sur 6 experts de l'innovation

Ingénieur en système d’automatisation, en génie civil, ou encore ingénieur acousticien … Ces experts de l’innovation comptent parmi les…

Tiphaine, chef de projet informatique

La mission de Tiphaine est au cœur de la gestion informatique du parc de bus de la RATP : c’est grâce à son travail et à celui de ses…

Alexandra, ingénieur en systèmes d'automatisation

Alexandra, ingénieur et experte en automatisation, imagine et réalise depuis 10 ans les évolutions des systèmes des métros automatiques du…

Valérie, opératrice de maintenance du matériel roulant

Les opérateurs de maintenance prennent soin du matériel roulant pour garantir au quotidien la sécurité et le confort des voyageurs. Valérie…
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On-board reading

photo vintage ratp

Discover our heritage

For more than a century the history of public transport has been woven into the historical tapestry of the Paris region and its inhabitants…

Rock yourself with our Soundcloud account

Discover RATP’s sound universe! Announcements, jingles, poems and music… it’s never too late to discover the web’s most eclectic…
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