A day with…

A day with… Rémi, RER A train driver

Rémi is a train driver. And not on just any train: he works on the most heavily frequented line in our network – the RER A, at Rueil-Malmaison. All aboard for a day by his side!

Guaranteeing passenger safety

Before leaving the train depot (where the train is parked), Rémi first verifies the exterior to ensure there will be no problems during circulation. He also inspects the wagon interiors to remove anything that could prove dangerous for passengers. After inspecting all of the safety devices, such as testing the brakes, Rémi is finally ready to start up the RER train.

Key number

drivers for the RER A

The RER A uses four types of rolling stock. The most recent is the MI09, which is chock-full of computer equipment and provides greater comfort for our staff: “They are much more pleasant to drive!” notes Rémi.

His mission: to carry passengers on a line that covers more than 100 km!

While Remi can set a maximum speed for his vehicle, thanks to an automatic regulator, he is otherwise fully responsible for all the braking and service systems.

It is our job to open the doors. We pay special attention to passengers getting on and off the train, to make sure that everything proceeds without a hitch.

RER A train driver

Remi has several display panels to visualise the flow of passengers on the platform. After triggering the door closing signal for 3 or 4 seconds, he proceeds with closing the doors. Each car is equipped with three doors. If one does not close, the driver knows which door it is. If an alarm is pulled, he can see where it was activated. Since the RER A has the heaviest traffic on our network, even the smallest incident can engender fairly major repercussions.

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