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Children’s voices in our stations

Since 26 November 2018, the “Unattended bags” and “Beware of the closing doors” announcements have been made by children in stations on lines 1, 4, 6 and 9.

To attract attention, we are testing new announcements in our facilities on 4 metro lines, using children’s voices. 
In reinventing these announcements to improve traffic flow, the use of children’s voices makes them stand out, attracting the listener’s attention. These familiar announcements, “Unattended bags” and “Beware of the closing doors”, have been recorded by child actors and are being played as from 26 November 2018 in stations on lines M 1, 4, 6, 9.
In 2017, traffic was disrupted on 354 occasions due to unattended, or more precisely, forgotten luggage. This represents around one hour of interrupted traffic on the line concerned. In addition, obstruction of the closing doors has a major impact on traffic flow, especially at rush hours, making the situation worse. 
We have always preferred using human rather than computer voices for these announcements on our network. Did you know that most of them are made by staff members, chosen in an internal casting?

Ava talks about her recording session in the Quotidien programme with Yann Barthès and Azzeddine Ahmed-Chaouch

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