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Line 1 certified “Cap’Handéo Services de mobilité”!

Metro line 1 has just been certified “Cap’Handéo Services de mobilité” for the service it provides for people with mental, psychological, visual or hearing disabilities. RATP is the first public transport operator to obtain this certification. 

The process, launched by RATP for metro line 1, involved training of 300 station staff members and modification of equipment, to allow a better reception for disabled people at each stage of travel, from taking information beforehand through to completion of the journey.


Station staff at the heart of the service relationship

The training of staff members, conceived in collaboration with Unapei* and the Paris Ile-de-France Regional Tourism Committee, focuses on learning how to deliver “adapted service”, which makes it possible to take care of anyone under stress or with understanding or orientation difficulties.

*The leading association for helping people with mental disabilities

Facilities suitable for all

Several years ago, RATP launched the Equisens programme to assist passengers with sensory or cognitive disabilities in their orientation and movement through its facilities. The programme, which aims to improve lighting, acoustics, signage and information in the facilities, will soon be rolled out to all 368 stations in the RATP network.

It is in this context that facilities in line 1 stations have been adapted: magnetic loops on ticket machines have been installed, handrails lengthened, tactile warning strips affixed to the top of all staircases...

Regarding signage, RATP has also installed “hypersigns” (larger and therefore more legible signs) to facilitate the movement of visually impaired people.

Trials are under way on the line to test new equipment and signage. This is the case with sound beacons, allowing the identification of entrances and service points, which are being tested at two stations and will be deployed in autumn across all line 1 stations.

Symbols that are easily identifiable by passengers


Four logos identifying the various disabilities for which the line can provide adapted service, as well as the “Cap’Handéo Services de mobilité” logo, are displayed in the stations. Passengers on the line are thereby informed that they can receive personalised service that takes their disability into account.

The Cap’Handéo Services de mobilité certification, with a renewable 3-year commitment, is based on a quality standard drawn up by associations representing people with disabilities and transport sector professionals.

The certification process will soon be rolled out to metro lines 2, 10 and 14 and RER line A.

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Accessibility of RATP networks in the Île-de-France region in figures

L'accessibilité des réseaux RATP en île de France en quelques chiffres
L'accessibilité des réseaux RATP en île de France en quelques chiffres

Accessibility: an important issue for the RATP group

To make life easier for all passengers and to make it easier for everyone – especially people with disabilities – to access public transport, the RATP group has been working for more than 25 years with all relevant stakeholders – associations, staff members, communities, passengers in all locations that it operates.

Accessibility of RATP networks outside the Île-de-France region in figures

L'accessibilité des réseaux RATP hors île de France en quelques chiffres
L'accessibilité des réseaux RATP hors île de France en quelques chiffres

The RATP group is taking part in a pilot programme with the start-up Connecthings in the city of Austin in the United States.

The RATP group, through its subsidiary RATP Dev, – and in partnership with Connecthings, leader in the Internet of Things for the public, Capital Metro, the mobility authority for the city of Austin, and BlindSquare, the most popular GPS app in the United States for blind or visually impaired people – inaugurated a pilot programme in March 2018 to help visually impaired people move around the city more easily and efficiently.

>> More info at ratpdev.com