A day with…
A day with… Fouzia, mobile field agent
Fouzia is a mobile field agent on metro line 1. She is there all day long to assist you, to provide directions and help you choose the best itinerary. She also works alongside ticket inspectors to help combat fraud in the transport network.

Each new day of service begins with a briefing: a meeting to inform Fouzia and her colleagues about anything new or different about the line.

The first part of Fouzia’s workday is devoted to inspecting tickets – even if that is not her main occupation, since RATP also employs ticket inspectors. Our mobile field agent conducts her mission as part of a team. This gives her the opportunity to mix with passengers from very diverse backgrounds: “Some people are very nice,” says Fouzia, “but others, much less so!"

01. Fluency in English is essential !

The second part of her workday takes place at night. Fouzia is stationed behind a ticket and information counter, where she sells transport passes, provides after-sales services, and assists passengers: “A lot of tourists use line M1,” explains Fouzia, “and they all want to go to different places!”

Key number

passengers take metro line M1 daily

When she is behind her ticket and information counter, Fouzia is also responsible for opening the gate: when you are travelling with a stroller or heavy luggage, it’s thanks to Fouzia and her colleagues that you can access the platforms without having to go through the turnstiles.

When the time comes to close the station, Fouzia asks the last passengers to leave. She then closes all of the station’s access points and ends her day.

I am generally rather happy to have been able to help all the passengers who ask me for assistance, whether to find an itinerary or obtain other information.

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