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Metro line 2: works at Stalingrad station

Various works are planned at Stalingrad station as part of the upgrade of metro line 2: structural work on the viaduct until 31 July 2022 inclusive, and closure of the platforms from 4 July to 14 October 2022 inclusive. 

As part of the infrastructure renovation work on overground metro lines, various works are planned at Stalingrad station on line 2.

Closure of the platforms from 4 July to 14 October 2022 inclusive

A new look for the glass roofs and stairways at Stalingrad! The station platforms will be closed from 4 July to 14 October 2022 inclusive. Trains will be operating, but will not stop at the station.

Lines metro symbole metro ligne 5 and  metro symbole metro ligne 7 will remain open and a normal service will operate. To plan your travel in advance and see your journey time, please consult the itinerary planner.

travaux stalingrad ligne 2

Structural work on the viaduct until 31 July 2022 inclusive

Structural work on the viaduct at Stalingrad station, on line  metro symbole metro ligne 2 , will be carried out until 31 July 2022. 

Why is this structural work necessary?

Lines metro symbole metro ligne 2metro symbole metro ligne 5  and metro symbole metro ligne 6  all the feature structures (viaducts, pillars, arches, glass roofs, stairways, mezzanines) have stood the test of time remarkably well. However, conservation work is required to keep them structurally sound, to maintain their aesthetics and longevity and renovation work is therefore scheduled each year by station or section. 
The historic viaduct of line metro symbole metro ligne 2 was built in 1942 just outside Stalingrad station in the direction of Nation to create the connection with metro lines  metro symbole metro ligne 5  and metro symbole metro ligne 7. The underside of the structure was closed to install the connecting stairways between the lines. The two spans of the viaduct above these walls now need to be partly replaced or reinforced.
In practical terms, parts of the arches are being stripped by scraping and chipping. Rusted parts will be reinforced or replaced and anti-rust treatment will be applied to the metal parts, followed by a coat of protective paint.


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