The 2019 RATP Poetry Grand Prix is over!

The RATP Poetry Grand Prix is over! Almost 10,000 of you took part... congratulations to you all! Come back in June to find out the finalists. The winners designated by the jury, chaired by Isabelle Carré, will have the chance to see their work displayed over the entire RATP network throughout the summer.

Three Grands Prix will be awarded: the Grand Prix Enfants for children under 12, who will receive a tablet computer; the Grand Prix Jeunes for poets aged 12 to 18, with cultural gift vouchers worth €400; and the Grand Prix Adultes for those over 18, with a weekend for two in Athens.

Interview with Julien Transy, winner of the 2017 Poetry Grand Prix

Isabelle Carré, chairwoman of the jury for the 2019 edition

Theatre and film actress, revealed on screen in blockbusters such as The Horseman on the Roof (Jean-Paul Rappeneau) and Beaumarchais (Édouard Molinaro) and on the stage, notably for her portrayal of the character Agnès in The School for Wives, winner of multiple awards for her performances in The Banned Woman by Philippe Harel (Prix Romy Schneider), Beautiful Memories by Zabou Breitman (César Award for Best Actress, Lumières Award for Best Actress) and L’Hiver sous la table by Roland Topor (Molière Award for Best Actress), Isabelle Carré has added a new string to her bow since winter 2018, becoming a novelist. Her first novel, Les Rêveurs, has been a critical and public success, winning the prestigious RTL-Lire Grand Prix.

She enthusiastically accepted the invitation to chair the RATP Poetry Grand Prix 2019 and thus assume the role of a “discoverer” of poetic talents. In doing so, she is pleased to have been able to offer 10 amateur poets the opportunity to show their talents in public, by allowing them to be displayed throughout the summer across the entire RATP network, which brings together several million potential readers every day!

As she told the future participants: “What all humans need, writes Murakami, is something beautiful and agreeable that makes them believe, at least partly, that their life has meaning.” What better than poetry can meet this expectation? I am delighted that the RATP Poetry Grand Prix has given me the opportunity to read poetry, to read your work, and maybe to honour it... Reading poetry in the metro means escaping time, appointments for meetings, the passing hours; it means forgetting smartphones, bad news, emails and text messages; it’s a promise of an encounter! At Concorde, Arts et Métiers, Place Clichy or Mairie des Lilas... offer us words to help us see the world differently!”

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