Our commitment to music

From the Rock en Seine and Solidays music festivals, to tributes to Brassens and Gainsbourg, concerts in Auber, the Paroles’n’Rock event, and, of course, the Metro Musicians, our commitment and support for music sings out loud and clear!

Clément Verzi and The Voice

For the past 2 years, Clément Verzi has been performing twice daily in the Pigalle station. For this singer, songwriter and composer, performing in the metro is the best way to enter directly into contact with the public and try out his new compositions. Clément Verzi was a finalist in The Voice 2016. In 2014, he auditioned to join the ranks of the Metro Musicians. Discover a recording of his audition that was hidden away in our archives.

Did you know?

As early as 1977, Métro Molto Allegro, the Paris metro’s first cultural event, was already devoted to music. In 1989, in association with both street and metro musicians, we began authorising some one hundred musicians to perform in the metro.

Faced with an influx of musicians, in 1997 we created a larger organisation: Espace Métro Accords (EMA). For the most part, EMA selects semi-professional and even professional musicians, who are looking above all for a venue to test and hone their repertoire. Since its creation, EMA has received more than 10,000 applications, organised more than 4000 auditions, and licensed more than 3000 artists to play in the metro. Twice a year, in the spring and fall, EMA auditions hundreds of candidates for a license that entitles them to perform in the metro. The lucky winners (about 350 licenses are awarded each year) undertake to perform only in authorised locations (metro and RER corridors) and to respect our operating rules. These auditions allow young artists to meet the public in our networks and to “fine tune” their repertoire.

Interested in contacting Espace Métro Accords (EMA)?

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