We are partners of the French Handball Federation

We have renewed our partnerships with the French Handball Federation (FFHB) and the Issy Paris Handball Club, a women’s division 1 team, through 2020, continuing an adventure launched 10 years ago during the 2007 World Handball Championship in Paris.

Our expertise

Our partnership enables us to put forward our shared values: diversity and the fight against all forms of discrimination. It is therefore quite natural for us to demonstrate our expertise in public transport via the French national women’s handball team. In addition to Handball Park, we are currently preparing numerous other events to highlight RATP’s collaboration with the French Handball Federation.

Women’s Handball Team

We transported thousands of spectators to the World Women’s Handball Championship in Paris in 2007. The adventure of the French women’s handball team – which chose “Femmes de Défis” (Women who meet the Challenge) as their rallying cry – convinced RATP to pursue its engagement through the London 2012 Olympic Games. RATP shares with this team the spirit of conquest, the values of surpassing oneself, as well as the modern message of fighting for diversity and against all forms of discrimination. Modelled on our rugby partnership, we have extended this partnership through activities in the world of women’s handball that are both fun and participative.

A partnership through 2020 with the Issy Paris Handball Club

As part of this partnership, RATP will mobilise its staff and its expertise in public transport solutions to provide certain travel arrangements for the women’s team and their staff. It will also support the club by putting its network of information displays at their disposition, to promote home matches.

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