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A day with Sylvie, passenger information manager on tram line T2

Pay attention next time you find yourself on tram line T2 platforms, you might hear Sylvie speaking as the line’s passenger information manager. Meet an employee that is passionate about her work.

It’s been 25 years since Sylvie joined RATP: she began as a ticket inspector on the RER, and then chose to leave underground tunnels to get closer to passengers. Following a short stint on tram line T3a, she was given a warm welcome from tram line T2’s passenger information team. 

What is her job? To inform, reassure and support the 250,000 daily passengers travelling on tram line T2. She is one of the “voices” on tram line T2 that can be heard on station platforms, informing users about traffic conditions, the wait time before the next tram or the weather. She wants to stay close to the passengers travelling on the line, whether they are workers commuting during the week or residents. “My leitmotiv is that we need positive communication. We have just gone through a gruelling health crisis. We need to make people smile again” Sylvie says.

As an attentive person, she is ready to do anything to help passengers who call her using the telephone points available on the platforms.

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In the field

Twice a week, she works in the field to directly communicate with customers. “It’s important not to lose touch with people, to see issues from up close” she explains. A ticket machine is broken? She immediately informs technical crews, who will come and repair it. 
Sylvie shows empathy and doesn’t hesitate to reassure passengers by clearly explaining the incidents that can occur. “We must ensure that people do not need to look for answers themselves”.

Sylvie sur le quai du T2


Sylvie manages a team of four workers, at the service of passengers from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. At midday, a meeting with her colleagues is held to review the day’s events and to start the next day on the right foot.
She shares her experience with new tram drivers, to help them speak through the microphone and therefore become closer to customers.

Always closer to passengers

Recently, Sylvie has also been communicating on Twitter through tram line T2’s Twitter account

She immediately handles the various requests and questions from users. Her closeness to with passengers, which she maintains daily, can be felt in her tweets.