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Sébastien, security officer

Sébastien is a security officer. He guarantees your safety on the network. Step behind the scenes of an RATP profession that is recruiting.

Sébastien joined RATP’s network protection and security group (GPSR). He thrives in his position, which fulfils both his need for physical activity and his desire to help the most vulnerable passengers. After rising through the ranks, Sébastien is now shift supervisor. He has chosen to work on the La Défense sector, which he knows very well.

Every day, he guarantees the sector’s safety with his team. He also records transport code infringements and writes penalty notices for passengers found smoking, travelling without a ticket, not wearing a mask, etc. He can also be tasked with bringing travellers to the police station. Ensuring passenger safety means Sébastien’s position is primarily one of service: “to me, the best reward is to guarantee that passengers feel safe on our network,” he stated.

Our teams are cohesive

On the ground, GPSR security officers always work in teams of three, which allows them to allocate roles to be more efficient when they intervene. The first two officers implement a safety perimeter while the third stops passengers. “It is crucial for only one officer to talk to the relevant traveller to deliver the clearest message possible,” Sébastien added.

Our officers are trained

GPSR’s main mission is to guarantee asset and passenger safety across the entire RATP network. GPSR teams receive mandatory training throughout their careers as the laws and regulations regarding their mission are updated. "Recently, we have been trained on our updated power regarding visual inspection and body searches. The two practices are closely regulated by the Paris police headquarters and we can implement them in very specific situations,” Sébastien explained.

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Our teams are equipped for the field

First, GPSR officers receive their daily equipment. Then, they listen to a morning briefing, to review the incidents noted the day before and become acquainted with the area they will secure that day. Most importantly, the briefing provides meaning to their assigned tasks.

Are you interested in a security position?

RATP is recruiting security officers to ensure protection and deterrence, attend to emergencies and intervene on our network.
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