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Behind the scenes in the extension of line M14

The extension of line 14 to Mairie de Saint-Ouen is a complex and large-scale project.
It includes 4 new stations, a maintenance and storage site (SMR), secondary technical works (access for emergency services, smoke evacuation), as well as the creation of two tunnels: the main 5.8 km tunnel and the 0.6 km tunnel to connect to the SMR. Discover all this in video.

Derniers préparatifs avant la mise en service : revivez la marche à blanc

Exploiter 5,8 km supplémentaires sur la ligne 14

Démarrage de la marche à blanc du MP14

Essais des trains sur la ligne 14 prolongée

Les mesures sanitaires sur les chantiers

La station Pont Cardinet prend forme

Construction of the maintenance and garage site

End of tunnel boring!

Removal and handling of rubble coming from the extension!

Explanation of the worksite to children!

> More information at www.prolongerligne14-mairie-saint-ouen.fr [This content is not available in English]

Metro Line 14 Extension