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Line 14 is 20 years old!

1998-2018: 20 years of innovation and excellence in passenger services. 20 years testifying to the expertise of our Group as a world leader in automated, large-capacity metro services. 20 years during which metro line 14, the first large-capacity line in the world, has contributed to the sustainable transformation of the city and the life of its inhabitants.

20 years ago in 1998, line 14 of the Paris metro was the first 100% automated large-capacity line in the world. Today, line 14 carries 550,000 passengers daily, with 85 second intervals [between trains] at peak times, a performance unequalled in the world for a fully automated, wide gauge line.

When line 14 came into service in 1998, RATP paved the way for a huge change in urban transport. Based on a real technological breakthrough, it simultaneously allowed very high frequency operations in dense urban environments and opened up new areas in constantly expanding cities.

Since its commissioning, line 14 has gradually come to define transport in the Paris region, carrying more than a billion passengers.

Line 14 has also provided 20 years of cultural inspiration, with iconic works including Ryaba the Hen, gifted [to the Paris metro]by the Moscow metro in 2009; La Prière [The Prayer], a sculpture by Constantin Bancusi; and the monumental masterpiece by German artist, Tobias Rehberger, which will adorn the future Pont Cardinet station. 
These works of art are enhanced by the quality of the architecture along the line. Generous lighting, large volumes and the use of contemporary materials create greater comfort and fluidity in passenger transport.  

Find our issue "Des lignes d'histoires" [historic lines] dedicated to line 14

1998-2018 : la ligne 14 fête ses 20 ans - RATP
1998-2018 : la ligne 14 fête ses 20 ans - RATP
1998-2018 : la ligne 14 fête ses 20 ans - RATP

To mark the 20th anniversary of line 14, and against the background of the cultural dimension that has characterised the line from the very beginning, a new photographic work from the artist JR is being presented to passengers at Saint-Lazare station from 22 October to 4 November, in partnership with the Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP) and as a preview of the next photographic programme in the “RATP invites” series.

In an approach typical of JR’s work, the artistic installation consists of an imposing gaze in black and white watching over the station. The artwork questions the identity of the anonymous people who look at each other in the metro or RER, and acts as a poetic allegory of how we live together when using public transport.

However, these 20 years are, above all, a chance to look to the future with two current extension projects:

  • 2020 : Northbound extension to Mairie de Saint-Ouen
    2024 : Northbound extension to Saint-Denis Pleyel
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  • 2024 : Southbound extension to Orly Airport
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More than ever, line 14 embodies the capability of the RATP Group to design, implement and bring to life mobility solutions and innovative services to make the city more human.