Network modernisation

Behind the scenes of metro line 11 upgrading works

Things are moving along on metro line 11. The major works on the 6-kilometre line extension have just been completed. Now it’s time to put the finishing touches on the new stations! Details below.

Metro line 11 is busy expanding! Firstly, existing stations and railway systems are undergoing upgrading works. Secondly, the actual extension works to add six kilometres of tracks and create six new stations are progressing steadily. In addition, 39 MP14 trains, funded by IDFM and RATP, will be operated on the line as part of the plan to renew the entire rolling stock. By spring 2024, these extensions will offer 85,000 daily passengers a new travel option, and will better serve the eastern side of the Île-de-France region. In practice, passengers will be able to reach Châtelet station from Rosny-Bois-Perrier station in 25 minutes. Here is an update of the large-scale works!

13 existing stations are getting a makeover

In order to fit the new five-carriage rolling stock, major upgrading works were necessary in existing stations and railway systems! Over the past few months, station platforms were raised and reinforced, while new entrances, escalators and lifts were built.


ligne 11

Platform upgrading and modification works to fit the dimensions of the new rolling stock have been completed in all existing stations. Additional works will continue, to create new street-level entrances. These substantial projects are close to completion, with only Mairie des Lilas, Porte des Lilas, Pyrénées and Télégraphe stations still under construction. At the end of 2022, the new lift entrance will start operating at Mairie des Lilas station, followed by a new entrance at Télégraphe station. In the first quarter of 2023, the new entrance at Porte des Lilas station, which is also equipped with a lift, will be ready to carry passengers.

Cutting-edge operations

The works brought the various metro line 11 operations teams together on a single site. The next-generation central command post (CCP) was commissioned in May 2021, centralising train command and control, administrative and technical activities as well as social facilities. Next to the CCP are the security command post (SCP) teams, who manage passenger safety and online information.  The key is better coordination, which will allow the new equipment to be put into service, improve the frequency of the metro and thus improve passenger service.

Completion of structural works

The civil engineering works for the 6 stations, 7 connected projects and the new train maintenance workshop have been completed.

Did you know? Sofia, the tunnel boring machine (TBM), built the tunnel that links the future stations La Dhuys, Montreuil-Hôpital, Place Carnot and Serge Gainsbourg. Having arrived in July 2021 at the Serge Gainsbourg station, it has bored a total of 3 kilometres over 15 months. To link the current line to the extended line, a 250-metre-long tunnel was first dug the traditional way from Mairie des Lilas station to the future Serge Gainsbourg station.


The light work phase has already begun, mobilising a wide range of expertise. This phase consists of installing all components that make it possible to operate metro trains and accommodate passengers. Several operations are involved:

  • Set up partitions to organise the various sections of each station and create technical facilities;
  • Connect electrical and water networks, which ensure a constant supply to trains and stations;
  • Equip stations with security systems – smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, communication systems and video surveillance;
  • Install doors, woodwork, guard rails, control lines, counters, etc.
  • Transport and install escalators and lifts;
  • Install a smoke-removal and ventilation system
  • Finishes – painting, tiling, flooring, lighting and fittings.

The new CCP

Works schedule:

  • Summer 2022 - Development and equipment phase on the entire extension,
  • End of 2022 - Completion of track laying,
  • Beginning of 2023 - Tests and trial runs,
  • March 2023 - Arrival of MP14 trains on the existing line,
  • Spring 2023 - Completion of upgrading works on the existing line,
  • Spring 2024 - Commissioning of the extension,

To find out more, visit the website dedicated to the extension here.