Network modernisation

Go behind the scenes of the metro line 14 southern extension

The metro line 14 southern extension to Orly airport, which has involved large-scale construction works, is one step closer to completion. Details here!

Running over a distance of 14 kilometres underground, serving 7 new stations and equipped with a maintenance and storage site in Morangis, the extended segment of metro line 14 between Olympiades stations and Orly airport forms part of the Grand Paris Express project led by Société du Grand Paris (SGP).

This structuring Île-de-France project aims to make metro line 14 the backbone of the Grand Paris Express network, by linking future metro lines 15, 16, 17 and 18 to the current network. By 2024, the extension is set to carry 1 million passengers per day and connect Orly airport to Saint-Denis Pleyel station in 40 minutes. 

Together with various external partners, the teams that participated in making the extension to Orly a reality have been committed to offering better services in the southern half of the Île-de-France region. Here is an update on the large-scale works!

The current major project involves dynamic trials of trains across metro line 14. Line closures have been scheduled in order for these trials to be conducted.

Why does the entire line need to be closed for several consecutive days? The line will be closed from Sunday, 22 October to Sunday, 5 November 2023 to trial the next-generation automated driving system, both on the existing segment of the line and on its northern and southern extensions. Due to the time it takes to set up the test environment, these trials can only be conducted overnight and on weekends. The upgrade to the new automated driving system on the existing line is an essential step towards the commissioning of the extensions in June 2024.

The first test shuttle trialled on the existing line

What it takes to be a general technical coordinator

Simultaneously, development works in train stations are well under way.

Discover the future L'Haÿ-les-Roses train station

Laying tracks

In total, close to 28 kilometres of track have been laid. One of the most spectacular steps in the track-laying process is rail welding (watch the video below). Approximately 10,000 joints were soldered on this segment of the line.

Completion of track laying at the future Maison Blanche train station

See what works were conducted at the Maison Blanche train station