Artist Philippe Baudelocque occupies Châtelet-les-Halles

Artist Philippe Baudelocque presents 12 wall drawings entitled “Du corps au fruit, du fruit au corps” [From body to fruit, from fruit to body] at Châtelet-les-Halles metro station. 8 pieces are installed towards the Lescot exit and 4 more towards the Rambuteau exit.

In the same way as a scientist becomes aware that species are disappearing from the landscape, Philippe Baudelocque proposes the reintroduction of minerals, plants and animals in a symbolic and poetic way through a dream-like mosaic of cosmic and geometric patterns executed in a fragile and sensitive medium.
Designed using white oil pastels on a black background, the drawings are exposed directly on the walls in various areas throughout the station, creating symbolic evocations of the “Living”, to which we all belong. 

Projet "Du corps au fruit, du fruit au corps

The “renovation of the stations”

In 2016, RATP, together with Île-de-France Mobilités, launched the “Renovation of the Stations” plan, an extensive RER stations refurbishment programme. Its core objectives are to create a welcoming, high-quality environment with clearly signed, user-friendly spaces (quality lighting, streamlined cabling, etc.); to improve passenger information, ensure comfortable waiting areas, improve the perception of and accessibility to the station and enhance visibility from the street. With the renovation of Châtelet - Les Halles station, due for completion in 2018, and Auber station, currently in progress, a total of 20 RER A and B stations will benefit from this programme.