Body and sport: test your performance in a one-of-a-kind participative exhibition!

Mats equipped with sensors, connected punch bags, force plates to measure your strength... many fun devices are at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie in Paris until 5 January 2020 to make your legs work as well as your head! 

The field of play is extended to include links between sport and society: surpassing yourself, performance, top athletes’ skills and equipment... So, are you ready to measure up against the champions?

Sport, a vast field of discovery…

Cutting-edge technologies, geopolitics, sociology, economy… Sport is a social subject bringing together a very wide range of scientific and technical fields! The exhibition highlights this diversity and deals with sport at all levels, professional and amateur, physiological and psychological. It emphasises the important place that sport has in society and shows that it is a terrific social and medical laboratory. Don’t wait to visit this exhibition that goes off the beaten track! Come to explore and experience sport in all its forms. An adrenaline-filled programme for age 7 and over.

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