Éternel Mucha exhibition at Grand Palais Immersif

Join us at the Grand Palais Immersif from 22 March to 5 November 2023 for an interactive exhibition in honour of Alphonse Mucha, leading figure in the Art Nouveau movement. RATP Group is a partner in this exhibition.

A unique exhibition awaits you at the Grand Palais Immersif! From 22 March to 5 November 2023, works by renowned Czech artist and major Art Nouveau style icon Alphonse Mucha will be the feature of an immersive, interactive and sensory experience.

Go back in time to La Belle Époque to admire Mucha’s famous Parisian posters and paintings, as well as the life and history of the artist, who notably decorated the Bosnia-Herzegovina pavilion at the 1900 Paris Universal Exposition.

For more information and to purchase your tickets, visit the Grand Palais Immersif’s website.

Exposition "Éternel Mucha" au Grand Palais Immersif

Practical information

Grand Palais Immersif
110 rue de Lyon
75012 Paris

To get there:

By metro:
metro symbole metro ligne 1 metro ligne 5 metro ligne 8 Bastille station

rer symbole rer ligne A rer ligne D Gare de Lyon station

By bus:
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