Fisheye Magazine, RATP’s special guest

As part of its 10th anniversary celebration, Fisheye Magazine has taken up RATP’s invitation to exhibit photography in common areas and on platforms of selected stations on the network. The theme of the exhibition, which will showcase out-of-the-ordinary works, features fancy dress costumes, disguises and transformation.

For the latest campaign, RATP has invited Fisheye Magazine to celebrate its 10-year anniversary by exhibiting 10 photographs, previously published in the magazine since its creation, in 10 stations throughout the RATP-operated Île-de-France Mobilités network. Admire the bursts of colour from fancy dress costumes, disguises and transformation along your journey – just in time for the Carnival season.



Now you see it, now you don’t!

For two months beginning on 1 February 2023, you will have the opportunity to admire the works by photographers Gerwyn Davies, Marian Goledzinowski, Cécilia Paredes, Chiron Duong, Paul Rousteau, Patty Carroll, Thorsten Brinkmann, Marine Billet, Fatoumata Diabaté and Stephan Gladieu in the following stations:

  • Bastille metro symbole metro ligne 1 
  • Champs-Elysées-Clémenceau metro symbole metro ligne 1 metro ligne 13 
  • Châtillon-Montrouge metro symbole metro ligne 13 
  • Gare de Lyon metro symbole metro ligne 14 
  • Hôtel de Ville metro symbole metro ligne 1 
  • La Chapelle metro symbole metro ligne 2 
  • Saint-Denis – Porte de Paris metro symbole metro ligne 13 
  • Pyramides metro symbole metro ligne 14 
  • Madeleine metro symbole metro ligne 14 
  • Nogent-sur-Marne rer symbole rer ligne A 

Photography in a league of its own

For its tenth anniversary, Fisheye Magazine has the honour of being the star of the “RATP invites” programme, following earlier exhibitions by Harry Gruyaert, Richard Avedon, JR, Hassan Hajjaj, Sebastião Salgado, Vivian Maier and Boris Mikhaïlov, and the Paris Expérience Photo and Circulation(s) festivals.
Through the cultural initiative launched by RATP in 2013, the company regularly features the works of photographers from all corners of the globe, with varying degrees of renown and experience, by deploying enlarged versions of their works in its stations. Through photography, which is a local art and form of artistic expression accessible to the widest audience, RATP aims to continue enriching the passenger experience by regularly offering moments that inspire surprise, discovery and discussion.