“Hip-Hop 360” at the Philharmonie de Paris (Paris Philharmonic)

From 17 December 2021 to 24 July 2022, the Philharmonie de Paris is staging an exhibition devoted to hip-hop, rap, dance, graffiti, DJ, beat making, beatbox and fashion. “Hip-Hop 360” retraces the genre’s 40-year history through interactive presentations. 

You have until 24 July 2022 to visit the new exhibition at the Philharmonie de Paris. Entitled “Hip-Hop 360”, it focuses on several periods and founding events of the genre: the birth of the hip-hop movement in the Bronx in the 1970s, its arrival in France in the following decade, its history on French radio, Parisian graffiti, rap and its musical grammar, fashion pioneer Ticaret, the development of beat making and, finally, the 360 space: an immersion at the very heart of all hip-hop disciplines.

You can notably find:

  • In-situ creations: Grems, JonOne, Mode 2, etc.
  • Works by graffiti pioneers: Bando, Fab 5 Freddy, Futura 2000, JayOne, etc.
  • Viewpoints from Kery James, MC Solaar, Youssoupha, Cut Killer, Sniper, Infinit’, Chilla, Féfé& Leeroy, Tefa, etc.
  • An original audio creation from Niko Noki
  • Rare photographs by the chroniclers of hip-hop history: Martine Barrat, Sophie Bramly, David Delaplace, Maï Lucas, Jean-Pierre Maéro, Yoshi Omori, Willy Vainqueur, etc.
  • 70 records from Dee Nasty’s personal collection
  • A focus on the use of samples by DJ Mehdi, designed by Thibaut de Longeville
  • A radio space where you can listen to freestyles and legendary broadcasts, from Phil Barney on Carbone 14 in 1982 to JuL in freestyle in 2019
  • A selection of rap titles classified into eight universes by Yérim Sar
  • A selection of collectors’ mixtapes, from IAM “Concept” in 1990 to DJ Bellek and Booba in 2005
La RATP, partenaire de l'exposition Hip Hop 360 à la Philharmonie de Paris

Useful information

For more information, please visit the dedicated page on the Philharmonie de Paris website.

An original tour is available to allow the deaf and hard of hearing to discover the Hip-Hop 360 exhibition. Learn more here.

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