Michael Jackson through contemporary art

“Michael Jackson. On the Wall” explores the cultural impact Michael Jackson’s personality and work have had on contemporary art from the 1980s until today.

Michael Jackson was one of the most influential cultural personalities of the 20th century, and his legacy lives on in the 21st century. Having been long considered a point of reference in the world of music, video clips, dance and fashion, his impact on contemporary art has never been considered and never been the topic of an international exhibition like this.
His influence and fame show no sign of fading, and the issues he raised as a social phenomenon, especially from the point of view of identity, race and celebrity, are still relevant today.

Michael Jackson’s songs, choreographies and video clips are testament to the extraordinary artistic path he was destined for, and were a source of inspiration for many artists: Andy Warhol, Lorraine O’Grady, Isaac Julien… Come and see how their works reflect those of the King of Pop and his personality!

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