“RATP invites”' photographers from the Circulation(s) festival

We are continuing our cultural activities by joining forces with the Circulation(s) festival which showcases young European photographers.

In partnership with Circulation(s), a festival dedicated to emerging European photography, we are presenting the vision of seven artists : See what space research scientists do behind the scenes with Matjaz Tančič; Study the contours of Jojo Gronostay’s heels, which bring to mind the Brutalist architecture in Africa and Eastern Europe; Change the way you look at plastic through artificial intelligence with Iván Puñal Garcia; Discover the desert left in the wake of the Cumbre Vieja eruption in the Canary Islands with Kinga Wrona; Meet the segregated communities in Modena with Marcello Coslovi; Admire the portrait of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) through Cynthia Mai Ammann’s eyes; Explore how to be one with nature in Jenni Toivonen’s universe.

la RATP invite

You can experience the Circulation(s) festival in ten stations on the network.

And, for real enthusiasts, the tour continues from 25 March to 29 May 2023 at Centquatre-Paris, on the website and on all the RATP social networks (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter).

Discover what’s on the network now!

The following stations will become art galleries for the duration of the festival:

  • Hôtel de Ville - metro symbolemetro ligne 1
  • Bastille - metro symbole metro ligne 1 
  • La Chapelle - metro symbole metro ligne 2
  • Saint-Denis - Porte de Paris - metro symbole metro ligne 13
  • Madeleine - metro symbole metro ligne 14
  • Gare de Lyon - metro symbole metro ligne 14
  • Pyramides - metro symbole metro ligne 14
  • Nogent-sur-marne - rer symbole rer ligne A 
  • Gare de Lyon - rer symbole rer ligne A
  • Les Halles - rer symbole rer ligne B 

Photography in the spotlight

After Harry Gruyaert (2015), Richard Avedon (2016), Yann Arthus-Bertrand (2017), JR (2018), Hajjaj (2019), the artists of Paris Expériences Photos, the Noir & Blanc exhibition at the Grand Palais (2020), Sebastião Salgado (2021) and Vivian Maier (2021), it is the turn of the Circulation(s) festival to take pride of place in the “RATP invites” programme.

Created in 2013, this cultural event enables RATP to regularly exhibit the work of photographers – French or foreign, young talents or renowned artists from different eras – by displaying it widely in its stations. Photography is a community art and a form of artistic expression accessible to the widest audience, and RATP aims to constantly enrich its passengers’ travel experience by regularly providing moments of surprise, discovery and discussion.