RATP invites Sebastião Salgado

We offer you a trip through the Brazilian Amazon along your journey with Sebastião Salgado’s wonderful photographs. 

RATP welcomes Sebastião Salgado and his photographs from the Amazônia exhibition, in partnership with the Philharmonie de Paris, for a display in 7 stations on the Île-de-France Mobilités network operated by RATP. We invite you to experience the Amazon rainforest with a series of vivid photographs by Sebastião Salgado.

Hamdi Chref
Hamdi Chref

A must-see on our network

The photographs, most of which have never been shown before, will be on display until the end of September 2021 at the following stations: 

  • Hôtel de Ville metro symbole metro ligne 1  
  • La Chapelle metro symbole metro ligne 2 
  • Luxembourg rer symbole rer ligne B 
  • Saint-Denis Porte de Paris metro symbole metro ligne 13  
  • Gare de Lyon metro symbole metro ligne 14 
  • Madeleine metro symbole metro ligne 14 
  • Pyramides metro symbole metro ligne 14 

A photographic and sensory journey

Sebastião Salgado travelled through the Brazilian Amazon region for seven years, photographing the forest, the rivers, the mountains and their inhabitants. In a mysterious world where nature reveals its immense power, the eye of the photographer captured vivid images, demonstrating the beauty and frailty of the Amazon rainforest. A musical score was created by Jean-Michel Jarre using forest sounds provided by the Musée d’ethnographie de Genève’s sound archives to complement the sensory journey into the Amazon. 

You simply need to scan the QR codes to listen to the sound clips, which are located close to the photographs on the network.  The Amazônia exhibition can be visited and revisited on the network through the end of September, on all RATP social media accounts, and at the Philharmonie de Paris until 31 october 2021.

The unique power of photography

After hosting Harry Gruyaert (2015), Richard Avedon (2016), Yann Arthus-Bertrand (2017), JR (2018), Hassan Hajjaj (2019), the Paris Expériences Photos artists, the Noir & Blanc exhibition at the Grand Palais (2020) and the Festival Circulation(s) (2021), RATP is now celebrating the photographer Sebastião Salgado through its “La RATP invite” program. 
Launched in 2013, the cultural event allows RATP to regularly exhibit the works of photographers, both French and international artists, young talents and renowned photographers from different periods, and display them on a massive scale in its stations. Photography, as a community-based form of art accessible to the broadest audience, allows RATP to constantly enhance its passengers’ transport experience with moments of wonder, discovery and interaction.