Everyone fit, every day!

30 minutes: the length of daily physical activity recommended by the World Health Organization, but also the average length of a journey on the RATP network in Paris. What if your daily commute could also be an opportunity to exercise?
tous les jours tous en forme

Turn each journey into an opportunity to keep in shape. That’s the aim of our new “everyone fit, every day” program. From 21 September, we offer a series of physical activities on the RATP network and online:

>A fitness break for passengers 

From 21 to 24 September, a fitness break is available at Bibliothèque - François Mitterrand station (metro line 14). From 12:00 noon to 7:00 p.m. We offer table tennis activities and demonstrations by coaches and top athletes from the French Table Tennis Federation.


> Advice developed by the Ministry of Sports 

The idea is simple: physical activity anytime, anywhere. Getting off the metro or bus one stop early, walking every day, moving every two hours, etc. are among the tips from the Ministry of Sport to facilitate the practice of physical and sports activities on the metro and bus. These flyers are being handed out at Bibliothèque - François Mitterrand station from today, Tuesday 21 September.


> Trails to exert yourself
We will also be offering running and/or urban hiking trails to and from metro and RER stations on the RATP network.
From 22 September, Gautier Simounet, manager on RER line A, former top athlete and now coach of the French disabled athletics team, invites you to discover one of the trails. And this will be repeated every month. 

These various activities will be relayed on our social media networks with the hashtag #touslesjourstousenforme:: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Sport and RATP 
We have come up with the new “everyone fit, every day” program to make each journey an opportunity to stay in shape. This is in line with the new brand platform “A Demain” which aims to contribute to the daily quality of passengers’ lives.