Bus: combining savings and performance

With nearly 11,300 buses in circulation on our networks worldwide, including some 5,200 buses in the Île-de-France region and nearly a thousand in London (the famous red double-decker buses), we are adapting this flexible transport mode to meet the specificities of the areas in which we operate. And with the Bus2025 plan and Île-de-France Mobilité’s support, we are pursuing an ambitious project: switching to a 100% green network in the Île-de-France region. A world first for such a large metropolitan area!

A solution for everyone

Urban and interurban bus networks, school and corporate bus routes, downtown shuttle services, on-demand transport, transport services for persons with reduced mobility… our bus services are extremely varied and can be adapted to different needs, combining quality service and innovation to enhance this flexible and economical mode of transport.

Networks adapted to each need

Today, metropolitan areas are changing constantly, with increasingly longer rush hours and more frequent journeys between diverse destinations that are further and further apart. To ensure optimised and cost-effective service to more or less densely populated areas, we design networks based on a hierarchized grid structure that covers a given area with core trunk lines fed by secondary lines and on-demand transport services.

In the Île-de-France region, we have launched a vast network reorganisation programme with Île-de-France Mobilité to better adapt our network to the future needs of local residents: better service to certain districts, a reduction in the number of redundant lines, better handling of traffic bottlenecks, easier transfer points, a network that is easier to understand…

Optimised coverage of a territory

The creation in just a few years’ time of a wholly new bus network with more than 100 lines and a fleet of 1,000 buses, in a major capital city utterly devoid of a public transport system: this is the challenge we successfully undertook in Riyadh with our Saudi partner Saptco. The network has been hierarchized in such a way that a tight grid covers the city, providing optimised, cost-effective operations: four trunk lines with a high level of service, two circular lines, 16 regular lines and 70 feeder lines.

Reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in urban areas

Hybrid buses, all-electric shuttles and standard buses, biogas-powered buses… we are developing and implementing solutions that draw on the latest technological developments to provide environmentally-friendly modes of mobility to reduce air and noise pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

With the Bus2025 plan, we have embarked on a major technological and ecological transformation with Île-de-France Mobilité’s support: to convert all of our 25 bus depots to electricity and biogas. In 2017, bus line 341, which serves Place Charles de Gaulle in the heart of Paris, became the first line with full-scale 100% electric buses. Other experiments are also underway that will enable us to master the technology and problems associated with an electric bus network.

Key figures

staff (drivers, maintenance crew and engineers) operating our fleet of 5,200 buses in the Île-de-France region make the bus “by RATP” a transport mode at the leading edge of innovation.

Better integrated bus stations

The future of the bus requires both its successful insertion into the urban landscape and bus stations – which are veritable interfaces between the bus and the city – that are more attractive. In the Île-de-France region, we have proposed a plan to reclassify and transform bus terminals into transport hubs that are integrated with the city and optimised as transfer points.

Mobility for all

The ground transport network (buses, coaches, on-demand transport) offers a means of transport that is well adapted to the needs of persons with reduced mobility. With specially trained personnel, vehicles with adapted access and reserved seating, we have set up services and systems to meet their expectations. With FlexCité, an historic player in on-demand transport and the transport of persons with reduced mobility, we have a specialised subsidiary here in France.

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