Public Transport Company

Saudi Arabia
The SAPTCO-RATP Dev joint venture subsidiary, Public Transport Company, won the twelve-year contract to implement, operate and maintain the future bus network in the Saudi capital of Riyadh for a twelve-year term.

The network’s 100-odd lines will gradually enter service after two years of preparation starting from the launch of the contract. . Both companies are also tasked with the mobilisation phase during which they will hire and train local staff (ultimately over 4,200 employees). The contract is worth a total of €1.675 billion.

Key figures

and 100 routes, 4,200 employees.

The network will be run using a fleet of approx. 1,000 vehicles and will include four BHLS lines, two circular lines, 16 regular lines and 70 feeder lines (permanent and transport on demand). The lines will gradually enter service in three phases and will ultimately ensure 90 million passenger kilometres yearly.

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