Restructuring the Belgrand – Saint-Fargeau site
RATP is initiating a collaborative urban design process ahead of the launch of the upgrading and restructuring project for the Belgrand – Saint-Fargeau site in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. The goal is to involve the general public in the development of an urban project.

Between 2024 and 2035, 8 metro lines will incorporate MF19 trains. The new ultra-modern trains will feature inter-vehicle gangways and a roof-mounted refrigerated ventilation system for improved passenger comfort. Industrial infrastructure must therefore be adapted to the maintenance of this new rolling stock.

In order to accommodate its rollout on metro lines 3, 3 bis and 7 bis, the Saint-Fargeau train maintenance workshop is to be fully upgraded and restructured. Located on rue Belgrand, in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, it occupies part of a larger 1.5-hectare site owned by RATP.


The other part of the site currently houses the equipment maintenance workshops for the metro, RER and tramway networks. In 2023, this facility will move to the Vaugirard site in the 15th arrondissement, freeing up approximately 5,000 m² to accommodate other programs.


This restructuring is an opportunity to completely redesign the Belgrand site. In accordance with the local urban plan and in consultation with the City of Paris and the 20th arrondissement town hall, RATP is designing an urban project that includes a garden, a facility for young children and housing programs – 50% of which will be social rentals. The project will meet the ambitions of the City of Paris' future bioclimatic local urban plan.


A collaborative approach to urban design

RATP is adopting a collaborative approach to urban design throughout the project – from the design phase through to the construction and delivery of future programs. It has selected the Res publica firm to guide it through this process.
Once studies are underway, from April to September 2021, RATP will organize an initial consultation phase with the public, local residents, associations, shopkeepers and elected representatives. The aim is to involve the public in developing a shared understanding of the project and the initial development scenarios for the site. 
The consultation relies on:

  • a digital platform with a quiz, virtual tour and interactive walk, enabling people to find out about the project. It provides all the information necessary to understand the challenges and the project schedule.
  •  local meetings, held as soon as the health situation permits, as well a tour and an urban workshop with volunteers.

Project schedule

  • 2021: feasibility studies / urban design – first consultation phase;
  • 2022-2023: further urban design studies, preliminary design studies for the RATP maintenance workshop – second consultation phase;
  • 2023-2024: administrative authorizations for the train maintenance workshops; 
  • 2025-2028: site development and construction of the train maintenance workshops; 
  • 2029-2030: completion of the housing programs, the garden and the childcare facility.

Project design

Contracting ownership:

  •  RATP Group and its subsidiaries RATP Real Estate and RATP Habitat
  • In partnership with the City of Paris and the 20th arrondissement town hall

Project management and train maintenance workshop :

  • RATP Infrastructures

Urban project management, led by H2O Architectes, principal:

  • OLM, Landscaping
  • Le Sens de la Ville, Urban planner
  • EODD, Facilities requiring environmental impact assessment and Environment
  • S2T INGENIERIE, Multidisciplinary engineering design office and Train maintenance workshop structure
  • OGI, Engineering design office for roads and miscellaneous networks and civil engineering
  • CASSO, Fire safety system
  • VPEAS, Economist
  • 360, Planning 
  • ALTIA, Acoustics and vibration