Adaptation of M14 stations
The existing M14 stations are being adapted to improve the safety of passenger spaces.

Given the increase in passenger traffic, due to the northern and southern extensions but also to the natural increase in line usage, M14 stations need to be reconfigured to comply with ERP safety regulations for buildings open to the public, such as stations, notably for passengers in wheelchairs. 

To comply with new regulations on the emergency evacuation of passengers, RATP is undertaking the following renovation work:

  • Creation of secure passenger waiting areas
  • Creation of disaster shelters
  • Creation of additional emergency exits
  • Creation of secondary access points.
  • Reorganisation of the main access points

Useful information:

  1. Département 75

  2. Connections with the RER A, B, C, D, and E // M1, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8, M9, M11, M12, and M13 // numerous bus lines // tramway T3a


  • Madeleine, Pyramides, Cour Saint-Émilion, Bercy and Olympiades stations: creation and adaptation of the main access points and emergency exits.
  • Madeleine, Pyramides and Saint-Lazare stations: creation of disaster shelters, where passengers can find safety from heat or smoke (i.e. fireproof doors and other protections).
  • All stations: creation of secure passenger waiting areas, where persons with reduced mobility can be brought to safety in case of an incident. 

Service quality

Concurrent with the start-up of service of the M14 extension to Mairie de Saint-Ouen, the station adaptation project is designed to comply with the new safety requirements following the increase in passenger traffic and the number of people circulating in these spaces. The main goal is to comply with the requirement to be able to evacuate all passengers within 10 minutes. 

Urban integration

The adaptation of the M14 stations has promoted further reflection on security and safety goals:

  • Improve access to Gare Paris-Bercy from the Bercy station
  • Restructure the access points at Place du Bataillon du Pacifique
  • Reposition the secondary access points at the Olympiades station, rue de Tolbiac.

Key figures

stations under construction simultaneously. 40,000 passengers per hour by 2024 up from 30,000 today. 450 m² extension of the ticket and information hall of the Bercy station. Creation of 3 additional access points.


  • 21 June – 13 July 2012: prior consultation
  • 17 October – 22 November 2013: public hearings
  • Fall 2014: start-up of structural work
  • Summer 2017: opening of the new secondary access point, Rue de Bercy
  • Towards 2018: opening of new amenities

Les acteurs du projet


Le STIF et la RATP sont maîtres d’ouvrage conjoints du projet.

Le STIF, l’autorité organisatrice des transports en Île-de-France, veille au respect du programme, du calendrier et des coûts tout au long du projet.


Le coût et les financements du projet


Le coût du projet est estimé à 126,7 M€ (aux conditions économiques de janvier 2012).

Les financeurs du projet


  • Download the leaflet on the project [This content is not available in English]
  • For more information on the Line M14 Southern extension: www.la14plus14.fr [This content is not available in English]
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