La ferroviara Italiana and GEST

01. GEST

The Municipality of Florence awarded a group of firms led by RATP Dev the contract to design, build, and operate the future city tramway network.

The concessionary company consists of RATP Dev, ATAF (the municipal company operating the public bus network), building and civil works firms, equipment and system providers, including the Ansaldo and Alstom groups, and Architecna Engineering SpA.

Key figures

2 min interval between trains, 44 stations, 3 lines, 37 million passengers a year.

The Florence tramway network will be created with three interconnected lines within the territory of the cities of Florence and Scandicci, covering 29.5 km and operating with a fleet of 43 trams manufactured by Ansaldo Breda.

Said concession involves building Tramway lines 2 and 3, operating the entire network (including line 1) for 30 years, and raising funds in addition to public resources, to build lines 2 and 3. 
The company has to study the optional extension of line 3.

The concessionary will entrust a group of firms involved in the project (led by CCC [Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni], CTC, Baldassani Tognozzi, Alstom Transport SA, Alstom System SpA, Ansaldobreda SpA and Ansaldo Trasporti) to build lines 2 and 3. The operating company is formed by RATP Dev (51%) and ATAF. MPS, Calyon, and ISPA are in charge of the financial arrangements, and are involved in project financing.

Operation started on line 1 in 14 February 2010.

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Nous sommes fiers et honorés de la confiance qui nous est accordée par la ville de Florence et par les Florentins. Dès la première année de mise en service du tramway, le réseau a été très plébiscité et a enregistré 12 millions de voyageurs, soit plus de 20 % de l’objectif fixé.

Jean-Luc Laugaa
Directeur général de GEST

02. La ferroviara Italiana

RATP Dev is one of the major shareholders (up to 37%) in La Ferrovia Italiana.

LFI currently operates two regional rail lines and several bus routes around Arezzo, in the Tuscany region, in the centre of Italy.

Key figures

10 trains, 1.1 million passengers a year, 32 cities, 152 buses, 2.9 million passengers a year.

LFI operates the Arezzo-Stia rail lines running to the north of the region, and the Arezzo- Sinalunga line to the south, thus covering 60 km. 

The concession to operate both lines has been granted by the Tuscany Regional Authorities.

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