Metro One Operation Pvt. Ltd. (MOOPL)
Metro One Operation Pvt. Ltd. (MOOPL), 70% owned by a joint venture created by RATP Dev and Transdev, and 30% by the Indian Reliance Group, was awarded a 5-year contract for the operation and maintenance of Mumbai metro line 1. The contract also covers ticket sales, retail activities and passenger services.

With 12 km of track and 12 stations, line 1 of the Mumbai metro links the western suburbs of Versova with the eastern suburbs of Ghatkopar.

Key figures

of track, 12 stations, 600 employees and 600,000 passengers per day.

Line 1 connects with the main suburban rail lines. With a travel time of 21 minutes between the two end stations, line 1 reduces the daily commute of local residents by as much as three hours. The construction of line 1 is part of a comprehensive project that includes the construction of at least three more high-capacity metro lines.

Starting in 2010, the Indian subsidiary of the 50/50 joint venture Veolia Transport - RATP Asia will operate Line 1 of the new metro in Mumbai, one of the most populated and densest urban centers in the world.

The five-year contract signed in December 2008 via a consortium including the Indian company Reliance Infrastructure (30%) covers all operating activities as well as system maintenance.

Key figures

and 12 stations, 4 minutes interval between trains (peak) and 20000 pessengers per hours.

Built on a viaduct, the line will serve the booming northern area of Mumbai and connect with North-South suburban rail lines. 

The line will reduce the average travel time for riders from 90 minutes to 21 minutes.