Works on the Pont de Chartres have begun

As part of the national rail network upgrades, RATP and SNCF Réseau have undertaken works to replace the two hundred-year-old railway bridges located in the city of Massy (near Massy-Verrière station): the Pont de Chartres for RER line B and the Pont de Gallardon for RER line C.

The joint operation of exceptional scale, carried out under the joint management of RATP/SNCF Réseau, will take place over 2 years, minimising as much as possible the impact on rail traffic and the daily lives of local residents and road users. As the bridges were showing signs of wearing out, their renewal will contribute to improving the rail system and the quality of passenger transport. It will also make it possible to accommodate new, faster and more efficient trains with better on-time performance and capacity. Ultimately, noise and vibration pollution for local residents will be reduced.

The preparatory works currently under way consist in preparing the ground for the installation of the works base and its accesses. The installation of this construction site required cutting trees on the embankment along the Avenue des Martyrs de Soweto. A landscaping project with the planting of new trees is planned at the end of the works.

Retour en vidéo sur la dépose des anciens ponts (entre le 18 et le 20 juillet 2023) et la pose des nouveaux ponts (entre le 4 et le 9 août 2023) :

The main stages of the project

  • October 2020 > July 2021 - Preparatory works
  • Summer 2021 - Foundation works with traffic disruption for two and a half weeks on RER line B and 5 weeks on RER line C
  • September 2021 > June 2022 - Installation of the crane and assembly of the two new bridges
  • Summer 2022 - Replacement of the two bridges with a 5-week traffic disruption on RER lines B and C
  • September 2022 > Mid-2023 - Dismantling of the crane, dismantling of the old bridges and restoration of the site


Priority will be given to local information

Local information is essential when a project of this magnitude moves into the construction phase. As everything becomes more concrete, the project comes to life. Inevitably, the works will generate disturbances for local residents, which must be limited in order to maintain the most pleasant living environment possible. With this in mind, RATP and SNCF Réseau are setting up a system that is intended to be as comprehensive as possible so that everyone can find an answer to their questions.


Documents will be made available to keep locals informed on a daily basis: 

  • A site information signage system will be set up near the works.

  • “News flashes” will be distributed in mailboxes, giving precise information on the location of the worksites and the traffic measures in place (one-way connections, detours, temporary hindering of parking, etc.).

  •  More generic newsletters will also be distributed in mailboxes, explaining and putting into perspective the works and their future benefits.

  • An email address dedicated to the project is available to answer your questions: [email protected]
  • An electronic newsletter will also be made available to regularly receive all the project news by e-mail.

To answer all your questions, send us an email at the following address: [email protected]


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