New passenger services

Passenger services: increasingly personalised

We place passengers and their legitimate demands at the centre of our concerns. We use new digital technology to propose a multitude of innovative and personalised services to foster ever closer relations with our passengers.

A continuous newsfeed of real-time information

Mobile devices and digital information in our stations and on board our vehicles… we are setting up a variety of innovative systems and solutions to provide constantly updated information, notably during service disruptions.

We offer passengers a wide range of digital services (SMS alerts, Twitter accounts for each line, etc.) and provide increasingly personalised information to help them optimise their movements within our networks, and to adapt their itineraries in case of traffic disruptions.

Did you know?

More than 300,000 subscribers follow our lines’ Twitter accounts that are dedicated to real-time traffic information.

Thanks to our RATP mobile app, passengers in the Île-de-France region can receive real-time traffic information on their mobile phones, until service concludes at the end of the day. Already, 500,000 passengers have opted for our alert feature, which provides immediate notification when traffic is disrupted on one of their lines, during the days of the week and hours they have specified. This app also helps them find the best itinerary, to geolocate stations, and to consult line maps.

Did you know?

1 in 2 people residing in the Île-de-France region use our mobile app.

Each summer, when RER A traffic is disrupted due to a major, multi-year construction project to replace the tracks, we set up an itinerary planner. This feature allows local residents and visitors alike to prepare their journeys and to select alternative itineraries (the fastest or the most “zen”) depending on their time constraints.

On the RATP Apps platform, we pool together the most astute apps pertaining to mobility in the Île-de-France region, such as, which lists all places of interest accessible to persons with reduced mobility, and Paris-Ci la Sortie, which allows you to know in advance where to position yourself in the train, so as to be in front of the platform exit you wish to use.

We are working with telecom operators to bring 3G/4G signals into all our stations and tunnels. The four French telecom service providers share infrastructure comprised of more than 3000 antennas and 300 km of cables. After RER A and B, and metro line 1, we are now in the process of equipping our entire network.

Available in 10 languages, our Next Stop Paris app provides access to a multitude of services to make it easier to move around Paris using public transport, and to discover the most beautiful sites in the French capital, the world’s premier tourist destination.

More accessible networks and services

Our training programmes strive to develop in our employees who are in contact with passengers a special attention regarding how they interact with people having specific needs. One after the other, our metro and RER lines in the Île-de-France network are obtaining S3A certification (welcome, support, and accessibility for persons with mental disabilities), which signals that our staff is capable of providing personalised assistance to passengers with mental disabilities, and thus, by extension, any passengers who are having difficulty understanding the network or finding their way.

Local shops and services

Expert for the past 40 years in the development of urban shops and services in underground public transport spaces, our RATP Travel Retail (formerly Promometro) subsidiary facilitates our passengers’ everyday life by selecting local retail partners who make a good fit with the network’s clientele and its environment. Today, they can find 500 shops across the network.

Close to consumers and their expectations, attentive to decoding their lifestyles and commuting routines, RATP Travel Retail works with both national and international retail chains as well as with independent retailers.

Did you know?

of retail surfaces.

We have now become the leading shopping centre in Île-de-France!

Hiba Farès
Customer Experience Director, Marketing and Services

After-sales services ever closer to our passengers

Every year we conduct nearly 1.5 million acts of after-sales service. We propose after-sales service in all 415 of our points of sale in the Île-de-France region, at our ticket and information desks. Services range from troubleshooting (lost, stolen, or malfunctioning tickets and travel passes) to adapting to special needs (modifying travel zones, personal contact information, or bank card information).

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