RATP Group 2018 results

A year of profitable growth and investments to the benefit of passengers.
  • A major acceleration in the Group’s development, in France and abroad
  • Economic performance on the rise along with a consolidation of the financial fundamentals
  • The maintaining of a very high level of investment in Île-de-France, with the support of Île-de-France Mobilités, to develop, maintain and upgrade the networks, and also continue to increase the quality of service provided to passengers
  • An ongoing effort for innovation, in order to position RATP Group as champion of sustainable and connected mobility and the privileged partner of smart cities
  • The Group’s turnover reached €5,563 million in 2018, a +3.2% increase (3.6% excluding currency impact), equalling + €172 million. The contribution on the part of the subsidiaries with regards to the consolidated turnover grew to 21.8% in 2018 (21.1% in 2017)
  • The recurring operating profit (EBIT) has grown to 6.3% reaching €476 million, equal to +€28 million
  • The Group’s share of the recurring earnings amounts to €290 million (+9%), a €24 million increase
  • RATP is continuing its massive investment drive in Île-de-France equal to €1,579 million, nearly 35% of RATP’s turnover, within a solid financial framework: the net debt has remained stable at €5.2 billion, and the debt-to-equity ratio (gearing) has reached 1.07x

On 29 March 2019, during a meeting chaired by Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer Catherine Guillouard, RATP’s Executive Board reviewed and approved RATP Group’s consolidated accounts, as well as the EPIC’s corporate accounts, through 31 December 2018.   

2018 was marked by acceleration in the Group’s development throughout every segment (Île-de-France, France, and internationally). Continuing to improve our economic and financial performance reinforces our profitable growth strategy in leading markets for sustainable mobility and smart cities.  

We have continued our massive investment effort in Île-de-France amounting to €1,579 million, with the support of Île-de-France Mobilités, to the benefit of passengers, while being able to self-finance our equity share and at the same time slightly decrease our net debt to €5.19 billion.

The Group is firmly committed to answering the calls for tender in Île-de-France (Optile bus, Tramway T9), in France (Brest, Saint-Malo, Creil, …) and abroad (Buenos Aires, Austin…). It is also actively preparing for the opening to competition on the Paris bus network.

Catherine Guillouard
CEO of RATP Group

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